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Welcome to My SEA Blue Prostate Cancer Walk/Run Fundraising Page

C. Russell Bond

Prostate cancer does not discriminate, it affects men both straight and gay.

Here I am again. This will be the fifth walk I've participated in since Don passed away. This event was important to him and to myself. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of prostate cancer in late 1999. He was a trooper, he fought it every which way he could. He helped others who were dealing with their treatments. One month before he died he was up in front of an UsToo Group discussing his long struggle and trying to give others some encouragement to not give up.

I’m “stepping up” for prostate cancer! My participation in the SEA Blue Chicago Prostate Cancer Walk/Run on September 10 will help Us TOO International to provide support, education and advocacy at no charge for those affected by prostate cancer. One in seven men will develop this terrible disease in his lifetime. Please honor the important men in your life by contributing to this very important cause.

To actively walk in the event, click on Register at the top of the page and follow the directions, make sure you select Team Turtle when asked for the team. If you're not able to join me you can still make a difference with a donation to my fundraising page by clicking the Blue Donate to the right of this text.

Thank you for your generous support!
C. Russell


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2. C. Russell Bond
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Thanks RUSS, for your work with Chgo Primetimers, and your involvement in this WALK, as I read about the Walk for Prostate Cancer in the July newsletter of the Primetimers.
4. SDSamuel Dorevitch
5. AArchie Needam
6. BCBeth Conklin

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