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Loeb Nation

Loeb Nation

Thank you for visiting. As you all know, this cause is very near and dear to the entire Loeb family. We are hoping to get a team together for the 14th annual walk this September 9th in Lincoln Park. It will be 5 years since Jerod passed away and what better way to honor his memory. Hope to have you join us.
Sherri, Becca, Jen and Dave


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1. WMWilliam Munier
In memory of all that Jerod did to improve healthcare around the world.
2. LFLelani Fetrow
3. DGDiana Goldman
Go Team Loeb! Johnny, Brian and I will be there!
4. MMMichael Millenson
Loeb Nation is a nationalism we can all support!
5. CCheri Laughridge
It may be five years, but we still miss him just as much. Bill and I will be there in spirit as you walk for "Loeb Nation".
6. WHWilliam Hendee
In fond memory of Jerod Loeb