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Robert Allen

Robert Allen

Hello, friends --

I wanted to let you all know that I am, once again, participating in this year's SEA Blue Chicago Prostate Cancer 5K Run on Sunday; September 9th.

In 2016, I received an invitation to participate in SEA Blue Chicago from my friend, Ariel Copre. I am very glad that I attended and did the Banner Walk with his family. Not only was it such a super-positive environment to be around, but it also reminded me of the many different kinds of "Fight" all of our friends and families deal with on a daily basis as well as a personal reminder to move and be active.

I pledged to Ariel's family that I would "step up" and run the 5K the following year....and I DID IT ! . ! It is hard to believe that an entire calendar year has passed and quite a bit has happened since then, so it is paramount to keep the momentum going.

** Let's Go. ! . ! Two-in-a-Row. ! . ! **

Not only is it important to me to continue my support of Team Copre, but I am also running for the men in my life that are true Warriors: prostate cancer survivors, those people that continue to not allow adversities to get the better of them as well as those who are no longer able to fight for themselves.

I know you all are busy, but I would love to see you there. Join our team, participate, get inspired, and support this cause any way you can. If you cannot attend, please consider throwing a few bucks to SEA Blue Chicago or, much more importantly, give somebody, somewhere the gift of your time, even if just for a minute. It will make a difference, I promise.



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