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Welcome to Terri Likowski's Page

Terri Likowski

Terri Likowski

You all know how much we love this event and all of you! I cannot thank you enough for your support each year. Please consider joining me and my team this year on Sunday September 9 in Lincoln Park. Our team is DYNOMITE! (I might also put you to work..xx!) Hugs to all ~terri & marty


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1. MModesto Chapter Us TOO!
From the Modesto chapter of Us TOO! Thanks for all of your support.
2. JBJames Brian
Thanks for all you do for US Too and all of us affected by Prostate Cancer! Jim Brian, Prostate Cancer Support Group at Henry Ford Allegiance Health, Jackson, MI.
3. SCSharon Carrico
4. MWMichael Winningham
Protecting the prostate gland!
5. RTRebecca Trent
Love you beautiful lady! So proud of all you do!
6. JJeff Shea
Have a great walk/run Terri. I will be biking 100 miles in Door County that day so hope we both have great weather. Thanks for your work at Us TOO!