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Welcome to David and Kathie Houchens' Page

David And Kathie Houchens

David and Kathie Houchens

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to us. As a 17 year survivor of prostate cancer and as a retired cancer researcher, I would like to give all men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer and their caregivers the education and support that Us TOO International offers. Please consider a donation. Everthing you donate is used 100% for these services and is fully tax deductible. - David and Kathie



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1. SSheila & Ken
Go David and Kathie!
2. TJTerry Jones
3. WCWilliam Cleverley
4. JSJim Starmer
5. JMJames Morris
Wishing you great success this year.
6. RBRobert Beabout
David and Kathie, thank you for all the consulting you both have been during the years
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