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Welcome to Bill Seidel's Page

William Seidel

William Seidel

Thanks for viewing my page and for considering a donation to Us TOO. First a word about the picture. You will note the phrase “All of Us.” This is because prostate cancer is not an INDIVIDUAL disease; it is a COUPLES disease. It is also a FAMILY disease. If a man gets prostate cancer, his sons are TWICE as likely as the general population to contract the disease. Brothers, nephews and cousins are at higher risk too.

Us TOO is different from all other major prostate cancer organizations because it focuses on individuals and families who are dealing with the disease. It gives them hope and comfort by providing critical information and an opportunity to exchange information with those who have already experienced this journey. For the wide range of its services, see the website at

I fully support Us TOO and its work. I facilitate three of their support groups and serve on their Board of Directors. Please consider making a generous donation to this outstanding organization.



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Thanks for letting me know about the fund, as usual good job on your part.
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