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My SEA Blue 2021 Fundraising Page

Alan Goldman

Alan Goldman

Hello Family and Friends,

Thank you for your past support of Us TOO International’s Sea Blue Prostate Cancer run/walk. I’m writing to let you know about this year’s event and again ask for your support.

No doubt, this year (and last year) are different than any year we have all experienced. With Covid-19 and now the Delta variant, we all have had to deal with limited contact with each other and limitations in all the things we are accustomed to doing on a daily basis. For those fighting prostate cancer or having to deal with a new diagnosis and treatment, these are even more trying times.

As with all large charity run/walks this year, our annual Sea Blue Prostate Cancer run/walk planned for this September will most likely be held virtually across the country where individuals and Teams are preparing to run or walk on their own to raise needed funds for Us TOO International and continue to create awareness of the treatment options available and provide support to those who need it. I will miss seeing you all at the finish line!

In anticipation of the event being the event being virtual, I plan on running a 5k the morning of September 26th in Lincoln Park (1650 N. Stockton Drive) followed by a small gathering of family and friends and staff from Us TOO. If anyone would like to join me, please let me know as attendance in going to be limited to maintain safety and social distancing.

Every dollar I raise will advance Us TOO International's great cause! Please either register with my Team (Alan’s Prostmates) or make a contribution. Together, we can make a difference!



raised of $3,500 goal

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1. RGRandy Graeb
2. BLBrian & Abby Lorber
Great job, Alan!
3. MEMichael S Elvin
4. GFGary Fisher
5. ESEarl & Margie Stone
Have a great run, Alan! You are helping so many others. Earl & Margie
6. SFSteve Friedrichs
Way to go AG. Sub 30 minute run would be awesome.

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