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My SEA Blue 2021 Fundraising Page

Les Raff

Les Raff

Why do I ask you for your support with the SEA Blue annual run/walk fundraiser and the US Too organization??

Because prostate cancer is still one of the leading cancer killers in men.
Because I lost my dad to prostate cancer.
Because with every passing day I diagnose more men with this potentially fatal disease.
Because we need to work together to support the men and their families who are battling for their lives.
Because US Too is taking a leading role in fighting the racial inequity in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer with its Black Men's Prostate Cancer Initiative.
Because it is important to all the men in your life.

This year I will be participating in the annual walk/run as a walker instead of a runner--but don't let that have an impact on your monetary contribution. I very much value your support.

With the greatest appreciation,



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