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My SEA Blue 2021 Fundraising Page

Iris Farley

Iris Farley

Please help me support Us TOO International by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Us TOO International's mission is to fund prostate cancer research and education. Every dollar I raise will advance Us TOO International's great cause.

The last six years of my life have been marked by a lot of change. I received a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2015, and had surgery to address that in that same year. We caught it early, through PSA testing, biopsies, and surveillance that began in 2012. I was able to be proactive in my approach because of the care and information that I received from my doctors. But not everyone has access to the information and care that they need, and regular checkups, early detection, and informed treatment decisions need to be in the reach of any person with a prostate.

While the mission of Us TOO International mattered to me as a prostate cancer survivor, these issues have come into even sharper focus for me since coming out as transgender, and learning more about the healthcare challenges that are faced by others in my community. Access to healthcare, respectful and equal treatment by healthcare providers, and access to information are far from universal. Many or most trans women still have prostates, and need to be considering prostate health, along with everything else that they're working on.

My hope is that the mission and message of Us TOO International can make its way to ALL who need it, regardless of gender identity.


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Good luck, Iris! You'll be great! I think you're awesome, and I love your clothes!
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