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My SEA Blue 2021 Fundraising Page

Darrell Wilson

Darrell Wilson

Us TOO has a much stronger presence in the prostate cancer community than American Cancer Society. So this year I am switching my walk-a-thon to SEA Blue (sponsored by Us TOO).

My prostate cancer is at bay, held in check since 12/2019 by a new drug approved just the year before. But there is still no cure for my metastatic prostate cancer so I am a heavy user of the support, education, and advocacy of Us TOO.

Please help me support Us TOO International by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance Us TOO International's great cause! Additionally, you can ask me how you can get involved too.

Together, we can make a difference!


raised of $1,000 goal

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1. ?Anonymous
Idaho !?!? How, when, why did you get to Idaho? Very happy to hear from you!
2. CWCynthia Wilson
Love you and all you do!
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