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SEAttle Satellite SEA Blue Walk

SEAttle Satellite Walk

SEAttle Satellite Walk

We are planting a SEA Blue flag in Seattle! Welcome to our new SEAttle Satellite SEA Blue Prostate Cancer Walk! As part of the Seattle community, we wanted to do our part locally to help raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer Support, Education and Advocacy. This event will function as a fundraising extension of the 15th Annual SEA Blue Chicago Prostate Cancer Walk and Run via this website.

SEAttle Satellite SEA Blue Walk
September 22, 2019
Greenlake Aqua Theater
Seattle, WA
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If you are in the Seattle area on September 22nd, please join us for a walk around beautiful Greenlake Park!

The walk will begin at 9:00 am on the inside path at Greenlake Park, Seattle, near the Aqua Theater and Rowing House at the southwest corner of the lake. There is plenty of parking in the large lots across the road from the lake. We will walk the inside path around the lake, approximately 2.8 miles. There are restrooms and water fountains along the way.

To attend the SEAttle Satellite SEA Blue Prostate Cancer Walk, please email Donations can be made in the upper right of this page, beneath the photo banner.

Thanks for your support and we hope to see you there!

Jack Haleva and Marty Chakoian
Us TOO Seattle



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We are so glad to help support the outstanding work done by Us TOO International for the guys with prostate cancer.