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Welcome to Bill Blair/Russ Gould Chapter's team Page

Bill Blair/Russ Gould Chapter

Bill Blair/Russ Gould Chapter

Once again the Bill Blair/Russ Gould Chapter Team is participating in the 2019 SEA Blue Walk Run fundraising campaign that will take place on Sunday, Sept 15. Our goal is to raise $2000. Thank you for visiting our team web site. This cause is very dear to our team, and we appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference!

If US TOO and/or our Chapter has helped provide you with the information you needed to make knowledgeable diagnosis and treatment decisions, here is your chance to help US TOO. This is its major fundraising event of the year, and every dollar counts in helping it continue its work for the benefit of all men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Note: All donations made to US TOO via the Bill Blair/Russ Gould Chapter Team are in addition to a Registration Fee if you choose to Register for the Walk-Run itself. If you would like to also Register to be with our team on Sept 15, please go to and click on SEA Blue Walk-Run. Be sure to say you want to be on the BIll Blair/Russ Gould Team during the Registration process.

Thank you in advance for your donation.

Cliff Whall, Leader , Bill Blair/Russ Gould Chapter


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1. TMThomas Manion
2. DMDavid Mauro
3. JRJoseph T Russo
Hope this helps you to keep up all the good work you do!
4. HOH S Orlov
A very worthy cause. Every man should have his PSA taken on a regular annual basis after reaching forty years of age. If a problem occurs, you catch it early.
5. rgRobert Gold
6. FDFredrick Durler