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Hello - Nowadays, most have a loved one or know someone who has battled Prostate Cancer. It has affected very special people in my life, including not only my in-laws and close family friends, but also my immediate family.

In March of 2008 my brother was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Like most survivors, his life has not been the same. He has had surgeries, hospital stays, numerous doctor visits...times of relief and times of despair. This year has been particularly hard, as to add salt to injury, he broke his femur! Recovery has been tough.

BUT he is strong! One of the STRONGEST men I know!

This year, more than others, I ask you to join us! Some of us close to him have participated in the Sea Blue Walk/Run for the last few years, but we've been a small group. THIS year, I feel as though my brother, Isidro Daniel Gamboa, could really use some lifting! A BIG showing could be just what the doctor ordered!

Join our team!

Consider joining the walk/run, not only to support Daniel and the cause, but also in support of a loved one who has also had to deal with the battle of Prostate Cancer.
Let's help lift each other and our loved ones up together!
Invite others! Bring a group!

Together we can make a difference!

If you are unable to participate in the walk, simply come hang out with us and/or feel free to make a donation!


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