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My SEA Blue 2019 Fundraising Page

Raymon Cunha

Raymon Cunha

If you break your arm, you go get it set and have it put in a cast until it heals. Simple. When a little over five years ago my elevating serum PSA level was first detected by my primary physician, it began a medical saga for me that was anything but simple.

My path - from suspicion of prostate cancer, through repeated labs and biopsies (41 total samples taken - ouch!), to diagnosis, to deciding if I would treat it, and if so deciding how to have it treated, and then going through the treatment - was a labyrinthine and daunting one, with lots of information and medical data to absorb and weigh, not to mention the emotional and psychological aspects. I am grateful through all that I have had a supportive husband, a wonderful therapist, two sisters who are nurses, and some degree of medical literacy from having worked for many years in hospitals and clinics, all resources I could lean on in navigating all the information, decision points, and the emotional content of the journey. Lacking such personal resources, or in need of more, US Too International would be there, as it is for so many men coming to terms with and living with prostate cancer.

Join me in supporting this wonderful organization, as I run a 5K on Sunday September 15th to help raise funds for their continued good work. Your donation in any amount will help me reach my fundraising finish line!

I'm running and raising money out of gratitude...for the doctors, radiation therapists, clinicians, and the wonderful support staff at UroPartners and the Prostate Center at the Glenn, and for the men and their supportive family members whom I got to meet and share support with, and even a few laughs, as we went through our radiation treatments in the summer of 2015. I'm happy to say my treatment has thus far been a clinical success, PSA down to 1.0 last check!


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1. BEBarbara Eulenberg
Have a great run!
2. ACAnne Cunha
With love and admiration for our dear brother, Ray - thank you for doing this fundraiser. Wishing you a fabulous run - your Seattle sisters are cheering you on! xoxo Anne & Judy
3. DMDiane Mikita
4. ?Anonymous
5. DODonna Oswald
step by step & in no time you'll be through 5K!
6. ?Anonymous
Way to go!!!
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