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Us TOO Gay Men s Prostate Cancer Support Group

Anthony Pizzoferrato

Anthony Pizzoferrato

Us TOO Gay Men’ s Prostate Cancer Support Group. This is a national support group. We meet the first and third Sunday of the Month at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. This meeting is done on line so all you need is computer or smart phone. The Us Too organization has been going for 30 years. The Sea Blue Event is open to all men, your welcome to go on the site and check it out. Anthony Pizzoferrato and Patrick Martin are the support group moderators, and invite and welcome you to check out the site.

Prostate Cancer is a disease and affects gay men the same way it affects all men. There are some added obstacles involved when your sexual orientation is LGBT. For me this group has been very beneficial, educational and I have found unlimited research and information very accessible. There is something called the Hot Sheet on the site. This is the direct link that takes you to the site and sheet, each month a new one is published. This will give you an idea of how expansive this is. There are also videos and conferences that have been taped on many subjects including sexual function and the multiple therapies available. There are medical professionals presenting in conferences that have been recorded.

Most men are seeking information because they have just found out they have Prostate Cancer or they have husband or partner or friend who is going through this and needs support. They also come to listen and share how other Men and Gay Men are dealing with this health challenge. Some men may be dealing with post-surgical issues or what is the best way for them to make this decision.

For me I needed to hear how other men went through this experience of Prostate Cancer what their process was. Everyone goes through this differently. What my experience is teaching me is that in this new age of COVID-19 everyone’s normal has been interrupted. Life has changed for everyone in a very personal and yet global way.

The world has been given this challenge of COVID-19, which is why even this SEA BLUE event had to be changed to a virtual indoor event online. Flexibility and resilience can be your best friend through this time.

My radiation therapy was completed a month ago. I am grateful for being allowed to telehealth work from home for now. Communicating with coworkers, supervisors and family is the most important parts of my day.

All men with Prostate Cancer who join any support group and need to talk. The function is to support and assist you and listen with compassion and assist our brother to find his way. This Us TOO site is the best place to find what you need. Us TOO organization has been around for 30 years. If you are interested in coming to the group or finding out information for someone else you can contact Terri Likowski. Contact information is below

Terri Likowski
Office 336-842-3578
Cell 630-781-5388


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1. APAnthony Pizzoferrato
Grateful for all the men and women who support For some reason I thought I could walk this journey alone. I am a nurse, and were suppose do everything. Except one thing, I am human and need my cancer support group. My family is just not available to me. But my 96 year old dad is. I will be zooming with him shortly from Illinois.
2. MMMichael McAteer
3. PMPatrick Martin
4. RERoberta L Elmore
For the health and well being of all men stricken with Prostate Cancer. To Anthony, although my ex-brother in law, he's never been anything but nice to me, and I never judged him. He was my Brother in law and I loved him. I pray for your recovery and inner peace.
5. JRJason Ray
6. PCPete Cardiasmenos
A good cause for donation as all Gay Men need help as well as any man.

Team Us Too Gay Men s Prostate Cancer Support Group